Double Ceramic Ceramic Coated Bearings

Not your average ceramic bearing

Why? Firstly, the balls are Silicon Nitride. (Si3N4)  80% less friction and 40% less weight relative to steel. Both the inner and outer races are hardened bearing steel, coated with our super slippery proprietary Double Ceramic (ceramic coating), resulting in 10x less friction than the low friction silicon nitride. This bearing uses a custom molded cage (the part that houses the balls) designed to retain lubrication and minimize vibration at high RPM. This is further optimized by employing a material called PEEK (polyetheretherketone), an ultra hard plastic retaining high tensile strength at temperatures as high as 400℉. This means that the cage won't break down due to the heat created when spinning at high RPM. It also utilizes a shield on one side, further reducing friction while still allowing lubrication retention and protection from debris. Altogether, every single part and surface have been re-designed to create the most precise, fastest, lowest friction bearing we can build. This bearing has significantly less friction even when compared to our full ceramic bearings.